Our principal goal is to achieve zero work related injuries and deliver projects complete on time and incident free.
In order to do this we have an ongoing commitment to comprehensive quality assurance systems, dedicated management, sustainability and accountable supervision.
QCCS can adhere and comply with any safety frameworks and systems that you may have in place, ensuring that your high priorities and expectations of safety are met.


If required QCCS also has the capability to implement suitable and meticulous safety management systems as required. QCCS has attained certification in occupational health and safety management systems to AS/NZS 4801:2001 accreditation. Our management shows leadership through the provision of full-time accredited staff on all our projects including competent personnel specialising in WHS and Human Resources and Quality Control.

QCCS will make every reasonable effort to ensure a safe work environment is provided to minimise the risk of incident, injury or damage to equipment and property. To do this we focus on providing safe systems, appropriate training, compliant equipment and regular consultations and reviews.
Each project methodology is compiled by the project team and built around the construction program, site risks, scope of work and specification ensuring a comprehensively planned and safe execution of the works at hand.


On all our sites QCCS employs a full time safety manager to help keep our  team safe and productive, we have a full work place safety policy and adhere to it with vigor, as most of our work revolves around the mining industry we constantly update and regulate our own policy’s and understand the importance of full documentation compliance.


QCCS approaches environmental management with robust systems of identification, assessment and risk control. We understand how important the health of the environment is to all of us and believe that the preservation of our environment and natural surrounds should be factored into all our operational considerations.

As we primarily live and operate along the Great Barrier Reef coast line, we are aware of how fragile and important our local environment is. This awareness drives us to develop and provide initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, minimise waste and find sustainable building practices for the benefit of future generations.
QCCS manages its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to environmental health and sustainability in conformity with ISO 14001:2015.
Each project team carefully considers environmental factors into their planning and methodology stages and actively works with each client to meet or exceed their site-specific requirements. These key controls are monitored, measured and reported throughout the duration of any project.