Concrete jobs big or small QCCS has you covered; we have extensive expertise working in and around operating facilities, we know how best to work with you to minimise holdups and down time. We have completed a wide range of projects from warehouse construction, conveyor foundations, and drainage culverts and to spill ways even completing on site precast elements to reduce shut down times.

A recent successful project required completing a single 100t precast foundation alongside operating plant as part of a transfer conveyor change out, the solution allowed the foundations to be installed very quickly and safely. Another project that highlights our expertise and saved our client a significant amount of shutdown time was an escape tunnel that included installation of 685t of precast panels, installation of an additional 101t of steel reinforcement and place and finishing of a further 1430m3 of concrete, all completed within 11 days.

Quite simply QCCS is your go to contractor for any type of onsite concrete construction, it’s what we do, if you need the right guys to help deliver your project, give us a call we will come to you, assess and simply do whatever it takes safely and efficiently, you’ll be glad you did.