QCCS commands a significant earthworks capacity; we have our own excavators from 22t down to nimble 2t machines, backhoes and bobcats and are always looking for opportunities to develop our fleet and services. We have regular maintenance crews for drainage and culvert repair and cleaning and have conducted road maintenance activities on both port and mine sites.

For large-scale earthworks projects we have been successful in working with larger earthworks organizations and utilizing our project management skills to ensure overall compliance and completeness. We have experience in clearing and grubbing ensuring the correct environmental standards are adhered to, efficient removal of unsuitable materials and building suitable base pads.

We understand main roads requirements and will ensure specific site and client specifications are followed in all areas including lifts and layers, density and moisture testing surface treatments in order that a quality long-term result is achieved, we can even sort road furniture, bus shelters and general landscaping. We are more than just a concrete company with a few backhoes, we are a professional committed business and we are here to help.