QCCS’s concrete remediation and cathodic protection division has a wide practical and technical experience in investigations, solutions and engineering for all aspects of concrete remediation. QCCs can remove existing concrete damaged through chloride or carbon ingress using high pressure water at 1400 Bar (20,300 psi) to remove defective concrete. QCCS have continually improved through innovation and existing proven methods such as Dry-shot Gunite application to traditional form and pour methods. 

QCCS has widely used cathodic protection systems to protect concrete structures once remediation is complete by using Hybrid, Impressed, Galvanic and Water anode systems to Bowen Basin mines and Mackay ports.

One of the largest Remediation projects QCCS are currently completing is the Berth 2 Structural Integrity project for BHP Billiton’s Hay point coal terminal port. The system designed by Infracorr Consultants and incorporates an estimated 1100m2 of repair and includes an estimated 54,000 Hybrid anodes ranging in size from D350 to D1000 and incorporates 96 water borne anodes.